About Me

I’m a journalism student at the University of North Texas in Denton. I recently graduated from Tarrant County College with an Associate of Arts degree.

I’ve been volunteering for Meals On Wheels of Tarrant County since March of 2014. I deliver meals to residents in need around my neighborhood. I drive for Lyft and Uber sometimes.

I like to play video games a lot. I’ve played since I was little and have always been fascinated about the medium of video games in telling stories. They’re also a way of getting away from the world and into my own.

I like to play basketball too. I played all throughout high school and loved it. I play every now and then but am always disappointed with how I perform because I don’t practice as much as I should.

I’m really interested in secularism and the relationship between religion and society. I’m an anti-theist (someone who thinks religion is, on balance, more bad than good).

I’ve read quite a bit from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Carl Sagan and about atheism and science in general. My favorite author is Sam Harris.

I love animals and especially dogs. I’m a struggling vegetarian/vegan. Morally, using animals in the way that we do today is horrible. But I still can’t seem to put down a cheeseburger. We all have our faults.


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